DigiTech Luxe Compact Polyphonic Detuner

DigiTech Luxe Compact Polyphonic Detuner


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  • Save $ 9000

DigiTech Luxe Unison Detuning Guitar/Bass Effects Pedal Features:
  • An amazing detuning/unison effects pedal that sounds great on guitar and bass
  • Detune control provides polyphonic pitch shifting from -50 cents to +50cents (1 half-step range)
  • Level control lets you blend in as much detuned signal with your dry signal as you like
  • Effect resembles rich chorus, without the modulation or phasey sound
  • True-bypass switching preserves your tone when the pedal is not in use

Add body to your tone with the DigiTech Luxe polyphonic detuner!

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